10 Speedy Ways to Increase your Following

Numbers aren’t everything. Where the Third Sector is concerned we want quality, not quantity. Still, we need to get connected with people, and there are some pretty straight forward steps we can take to do that. These top ten ways to increase the following for your charity are easy to do and highly effective. Share more ideas in the comments or on Twitter @BeGoodBeSocial. Post great content People won’t read low-quality content. Shape your posts to what your audience will... Read More

5 Charities Winning At Instagram

With 400 million users, Instagram is a behemoth. More adults use this platform than Twitter, so it’s time to pay it some mind. Personally speaking, Instagram is my favourite social media channel. I love seeing the way people express themselves through their photography – professionals and non-professionals alike. I will admit to occasionally falling into that deep, dark tunnel of caring about the *number of likes* (my most is about 30 if you’re wondering), but mostly... Read More

8 Free Image Sites to Boost your Content

We’ve all done it. At the end of a busy week, your to-do list hasn’t got much shorter and you STILL need to some finishing touches to that Facebook post… Fast forward to Monday and you look realise your well-written blog on social inclusion is accompanied by a pants pic of some plastic-looking, underfed models. Oops. The images we use for our marketing matter. Humans connect with emotion, so you need to think through your imagery and make the most of this trait. I hate... Read More

Digital Exclusion: Is the 3rd Sector Missing the Bus?

Ross McCulloch, Director of Third Sector Lab and Founder of Be Good Be Social We are now a mere four years away from the Scottish Government’s bold ambition to make us a world-leading digital nation. The 2020 target in The Scottish Government’s ‘Digital Future’ strategy outlines four key strands: connectivity, digital public services, digital economy and digital participation. The Third Sector should be at the very forefront of this agenda, ensuring digital brings about... Read More

Six successful Google AdWords charity campaigns

Google for Nonprofits gives registered charities access to almost £78,000 worth of AdWords credits per year, use of Google Apps to cut IT costs and access to premium YouTube features. Those AdWords credits are gold dust says Ross McCulloch as they allow you to reach new donors, volunteers and campaigners at no extra cost to your non-profit. Ross originally wrote this post for JustGiving. Here’s six charities making the best use of their Google Ad Grant: Shelter Scotland –... Read More

13 ways social media can open your charity event to all

Ross McCulloch, Director at Third Sector Lab and Founder of Be Good Be Social, shared ways you can use social media to make your next event truly open to all and take your conversation beyond the four walls of your venue, with JustGiving. 1. Choose the right hashtag I was recently at a charity event when people from a law enforcement event in Dallas started tweeting using the same hashtag – neither side had bothered to do a simple Twitter search. Make sure you create a unique... Read More

Social Media for Social Good – 3rd December 2013

Thank you so much to everyone who came along today and was part of the event!  Videos from today’s event will be available on YouTube soon. Today’s slides are here: Martin Keane “The Social Activist: How Social Media can be used for Real Change”   Activism through Social Media – @keanearrow from Be Good Be Social Ross McCulloch “Social Media for Training and Events” Social media for training and events @thirdsectorlab from Be... Read More

Be Good Be Social Glasgow 12/09/13 LIVE

Join us for the live webinar – audio stream, slides and chat – NOW!  Read More

Videos & Slides from Social Media for Social Good May 2013

Here’s the slides [scroll to the bottom of the page] and videos from the workshops and speakers at Social Media for Social Good Glasgow May 2013. If you’ve got any feedback about the event please leave a comment below, tweet me or drop me an email. Hope you find them useful. We’ll have the videos of Tom French’s talk on the #EqualMarriage campaign, Marc Bowker’s ‘Being Human’ workshop and Robbie Forsyth’s Youth Football Scotland... Read More

Getting sociable at the museum

                Guest blog post from Hugh Wallace, Head of Digital at National Museums Scotland. Hugh will be speaking at #BeGoodBeSocial Glasgow this Summer – we’ll have ticket info out soon folks. It’s now slightly strange to consider a time when social media wasn’t part of the day-to-day. At National Museums Scotland, where I head up the Digital Media department, it’s become an integral part of how we communicate... Read More